Abhijit ECBA Certification Journey – How did he clear the ECBA exam?

In this guide, we will talk about Abhijit ECBA Certification Journey who has successfully passed his ECBA exam from IIBA.

The International Institute of Business Analysis offers Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) for entry-level business analysts. ECBA certification may be an entry-level certificate, but it does not mean that you can jump straight in. Before you can apply for the exam, you must meet a certain amount of approved training times For exam preparation, you will definitely want to supplement your training with additional materials. And this is where we offer a complete ECBA Certification Training Course Which makes you eligible for the ECBA exam.

Let’s take a closer look now as Abhijit Biswas takes us through his ECBA certification journey.

Abhijit ECBA Certification Journey

Professional background

Abhijit Biswas has been working in the field of business analysis for 5 years now. He thinks it was an exciting job and was great from a career perspective as a business analyst.

What inspired him to take ECBA certification?

Abhijit shared that most of the candidates who are in the analysis domain are coming from more experimental backgrounds or manual testing backgrounds. And they don’t feel very comfortable with coding in the IT industry. Abhijit was also not very good at coding, and had about 6 months of experience in the manual testing domain since he started his career as a manual tester. Since Abhijit had no interest in coding, he was not sure how his career as a manual examiner would go because it would involve coding. And it was a turning point, where Avit decided to start his career in business analysis. And to do that, the first course of his career was to look for a credential that could help boost his career in business analysis. And this is when he decided to take ECBA certification.

How did he get across the techcanvas?

After Abhijit finally decided that he wanted to pursue an ECBA certification, he was now confused about how to prepare and where to start. And this is when he landed with TechCanvas and decided to enroll in ECBA Certification Training Course.

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How did he prepare for the ECBA Certification Exam?

Preparing for the ECBA Certification has been facilitated by our training course and by the skills and guidance received from the certified instructors here at Techcanvass. During his preparation training with us, Abhijit Babok used to make lots of notes about books and other necessary concepts and fields of knowledge. According to Abhijit, the ideal time to take the test is within 3 months of completing your training. Abhijit’s preparation technique was to practice lots of sample questions and mock tests until he felt confident in his preparation. He practiced a lot of MCQs given to us before he was ready to take the ECBA exam.

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Educational materials

Abhijit was very happy to be able to access the study material on our training portal. He noted that MCQs and mock tests were able to help him prepare thoroughly for ECBA certification.

The challenge in front of him

Abhijit wanted to gain some real project experience about Babok and not all areas of knowledge are good enough when employers ask for experience. So when Abhijit asked his company to do some business analysis-related work, he was turned down because he had no experience, which was a stage of struggle for him. However, Abhijit was determined and wanted to acquire as much practical knowledge as possible, he applied for other business analysis courses and read a lot of books on business analysis until he got his big break when he got his first job in 3 months. Successfully clearing ECBA certification.

How has ECBA certification helped her career?

After completing the ECBA certification, Abhijit was able to secure a job in the Business Analysis domain within 3 months. He says the good thing about ECBA certification is that it gives you a kind of highlight and puts you on a pedestal in front of employers.

Tips for clearing ECBA certification

Here are some tips given by Abhijit to help the candidates prepare better for ECBA Certification Exam.

  • Going BABOK 2-3 times thoroughly will help you get all the ideas in your head.
  • Making notes can be helpful in remembering ideas and important things from the field of knowledge.
  • It is advisable to take a test after your training session is over or after you have revised the BABOK guide.
  • Acquiring the right skills, such as learning Excel and SQL, is very important for a business analyst. In addition to these two skills, problem solving and listening skills are two top skills that a business analyst must have.


We hope Abhijit’s ECBA Certification Journey has been able to inspire and guide you in the right direction. Getting an ECBA certification can be your first step in starting your career journey in a business analytics domain. Considering ECBA is an entry-level certification, you can easily meet the qualification requirements by enrolling in an ECBA training course to successfully pass your exam.

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