What is a product owner certification?

What is a product owner certification

This certificate is designed for product owners who want to expand and improve their business analysis knowledge and skills. Launched by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Certificate of Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA) June 1, 2021. To maximize value, the product owner’s certificate analyzes the business and evaluates product ownership Knowledge With agile practice.

In this guide, we are going to cover all the important aspects of product owner certificate. You can find all of the things mentioned below, from the benefits and qualification requirements to the test structure and test fees.

What is product owner certification?

The IIBA product owner’s certificate is a combination of business analysis and product ownership structure, with an agile Mentality. The Product Owner Certification Program helps candidates learn all the important concepts that help them create successful products.

Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a discipline that includes a set of different strategies, methods, procedures and processes. POA helps candidates learn and understand the application of different approaches using tools and techniques to deliver better results.

Benefit of product owner’s certificate

Here are some benefits of IIBA product owner certificate:

  • The product owner’s certificate blends the knowledge and structure of both business analysis and product ownership.
  • Candidates get a chance to learn key ideas that can help them create better and more successful products.
  • The product owner’s certificate verifies the candidate’s knowledge and credentials Business analysis skillsProduct ownership analysis, and the agile structure of potential employers and helps to differentiate the candidate from the crowd.
  • CPOA helps candidates to master various tools, techniques, methods and other strategic and tactical knowledge to improve the product development process.

Who owns the product owner certificate?

CPOA does not require a minimum qualification, which means the program is open to anyone who wants to follow it. However, the professionals who can benefit the most and opt for the product owner’s certificate are the ones who fit the following:

  • You are acting as a product owner
  • You are working as a business analysis professional
  • You are supporting product owners in your organization
  • You are performing product ownership-related work
  • If you are considering a career path as a product owner
  • You have quick wit

Test information

CPOA is a Foundation-level certification The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions covering different areas of knowledge in product ownership analysis and business analysis. Here’s what you need to know about CPOA testing.

Exam coverage

The experiment revolves around the 7 fields of knowledge mentioned in the Product Ownership Analysis Guide. Here is the unique weight for each field of knowledge.

Knowledge Area Weight
Apply basic ideas 10%
Cultivate customer closeness 15%
Engage the whole team 15%
To create an effect 15%
Often delivered 15%
Learn fast 15%
Obsession about values 15%

Test structure

The framework for CPOA testing is as follows:

  • Online proctored Test
  • 60 Multiple Choice KnowledgeebThe question has been asked
  • 90 minutes duration to complete the test

Test costs

The CPOA exam cost structure is as follows:

  • IIBA Member – $ 250
  • Non-IIBA Member- $ 389

Tips for studying a CPOA exam

Here are some tips you must consider before studying for your CPOA exam.

  1. Thoroughly revise the guide for product ownership analysis and study each field of knowledge clearly and in depth.
  2. Set a possible target date for appearing for the test.
  3. Make a good study plan and stick to it And the date of the test in your mind.
  4. Check out the IIBA CPOA Handbook before you start preparing for your exam. These handbooks include all the necessary details for certification and testing.
  5. Choose the best study material and guide for your preparation.
  6. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

How to get product owner certification?

You can follow these steps to get your product owner’s certificate, and it won’t take you three months.

  1. The first step is to participate in IIBA approved training for product owner certification. You can do this from 1 week to 4 weeks.
  2. Select the most recommended study resources in detail, including the CPOA Official Guide and the practice of exam questions. Again, you can start this step from week 2 to week 8.
  3. Apply for product owner certificate certification and wait for approval. You can do this in 6 weeks.
  4. Sit for the CPOA exam on your scheduled date, which will be 10 weeks.

Training for CPOA exams

For training, you can choose from IIBA approved training providers. The two most recommended IIBA accredited education providers Techcanvas And Adapted US.

Product Owner Certification Assets

When it comes to study materials and resources for CPOA, the first and mandatory study reference is the Guide to Product Ownership Analysis, as published by IIBA.

Then you can opt for BABOK Guide For both versions. You can also view the many supplementary study materials provided by IIBA in digital format to help you prepare for the exam.


In this guide, we’ve covered all the important aspects of a product owner’s certificate, including some tips and tricks to help you prepare for the test. If you are a product owner or a professional who wants to enter the product ownership analysis career, then CPOA is a wise choice for you.

To help you further, Techcanvass-IIBA is offering a product owner certificate from an approved education provider Training course It includes live training, mock questions, flashcards, mind maps and much more.

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